Injection Mold Division

TMW, which has been engaged in molds for many years, has the molding know-how to manufacture high quality molds.We respond to various molding needs with our cultivated experience and technology.

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Multi-molding support
including electric valve

TMW has a molding machine from 300ton to 4000ton and supports a wide range of mold from large to small. It also supports three types of drive sources: Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric valves.

Up to 30 drops of Valve gate control and near to 100 hot runner zone that has circuit molding experience of mold is compatible to any complicated molding condition.

Of course, Injection and foam molding are also practicable.

For any molding, please inquire to TMW's Injection Mold Division.

Professional advices of molding condition.

In order to produce better molded parts, we will arrange to minimize the problems of mass production by licensed professionals.

Due to shape, gates, material and etc.causing defected parts while injection process, so to prevent from defected injection parts, we perform prediction and prevention.

Taking advantage of TMW's strengths from mold production to molding, we will respond with mold engineering proposals.

Professional advices of molding condition.

Please use it for Various Moldability tests

Please use it for Various Moldability tests

We accept requests related to various moldings as well as prototypes and R & D moldings.

In mass production factories, we can also handle small lots of molded product testing and molding with various molding conditions and materials.

Please ask us for any molding problems.


For any question, problems or request about products, injection Mold and prototype production please feel free to contact us.

TMW Injection Mold Division

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