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Establishment Year 1949
Capital 91 million JPY (As of November, 2019)
Employees 192 (As of November, 2019)
President Hiroki Tatematsu
Head office 27 Okuda Osawa-cho,Inazawa ,Aichi 492-8224 JAPANView the map
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TEL 0587-32-6281
FAX 0587-21-2800
Primary Business Design of automotive interior and exterior plastic molding parts. / Manufacture
Customers Japanese automotive makers and their suppliers in Asia, Europe, & the Americas. (~50 companies)
  • Design Production and Thorough quality assurance through independent try by 3D solid.
  • Collective orders for molds for all plastic parts per vehicle based on high equipment and quality control technology.
  • A wide range of mold producting from instrument Panels and other larbe ( obout 30 Ton ) to medium and small.

*Excluding related companies & overseas bases