Beyond the Integral

Beyond the Integral

Beyond the Integral

Beyond the Integral


February, 2023
We will exhibit at Manufacturing World Nagoya 2023 (Apr. 12-14)
December, 2022
Exhibited at Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2022 (Dec. 14-16)
July, 2022
Exhibited at INTERMOLD 2022 Nagoya (Jul. 6-9)
April, 2022
Exhibited at INTERMOLD 2022 Osaka (Apr. 20-23)
October, 2021
Exhibited at MECT 2021 Nagoya (Oct. 20-23)
June, 2021
HI division "Check the new Cartridge heater"
January, 2020
TMW formulate to support SGDs.
June, 2019
Won the "Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300 program".
Exhibited at Intermold Nagoya 2019 (Jun. 19-22)
May, 2019
Displayed Manual clamp of FCS System at "TOSHIBA MACHINE Group Solution Fair 2019" (May.23-25)
December, 2018
Selected as "The Driving Company for the regional future."
November, 2018
Company name changed "Tatematsu Mold Works Co.,Ltd." has changed to "TMW CO., LTD"
November, 2018
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TMW's Divisions

Mold Division Image

Mold Division

Designing and manufacturing a large-scale automotive parts for molding dies. By CAE analysis utilization and by our individual technology that we have cultivated by many years of experience we are capable of reponding to short-term development, low cost and high quality.

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Hot Runner Division Image

Hot Runner Division

Sales of hot runner devices such as Valve-gate systems. Evolved valve gate system capable of responding to multi drive sources.

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Machine Fixture division Image

Machine Fixture division

Machine set-up fixture and peripheral automatic machine sales of Italy FCS company, which makes machine set-up innovative. The set-up time is up to 75% reduction.

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Injection Mold Division Image

Injection Mold Division

Injection test for all plastic parts injection mold. Test of new materials and valve gate structure, that is compatible to any molds.


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Mold Service Division Image

Mold Service Division

Maintenance and Mold arragement at Overseas 30 countries are practicable by TMW's Global Network.



Software Developtment Division Image

Software Developtment Division

Development business of software. Construction and provision of systems to solve problems at manufacturing sites.




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