RecruitNew graduate recruitment


Recruitment Guidelines for new graduates

Recruiting line of business

Needed job
  • Technical job
  • Manufacture・Production-related jobs
  • Machine・Electrical designer
Qualification Over high school graduate
Work place Aichi prefecture inazawa city
Time 8a.m - 5p.m
Employment status Regular employee


Salary According to our regulations
Various benefits Commute, Overtime, Holiday work etc
Promotion Once in a year
Bonus Twice in a year
Vacation holiday Annual holiday
*Full week off 2 days ( Sat & Sun), Summer holidays, New year holidays, Golden week
Insurance Health insurance, Welfare pension insurance, Employment insurance, Work injury unsurance
Welfare pension insurance Driving car
Eqquipped with employee dormitory


Selection Selection:Document selection, Writing(Composition), Interview
Documents to be submitted:Resume, Health certificate, Certificate of achievement, Certificate of expected graduation
Application method Apply by mail, phone or e-mail.
Recruiter will contact you later.

Inquiries about recruitment